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You enter Rowayton Dog Park at your own risk.

You are liable for injury caused by a dog under your supervision. Users of the Rowayton Dog Park assume the risk of injury or damage to themselves or their dogs. The Rowayton Dog Park Committee does not guarantee the Dog Park is escape-proof. You assume the risk that your dog may escape from the fenced area. Usage of the Rowayton Dog Park constitutes acknowledgement of this disclaimer.

Safety is our number one priority. We highly recommend that your dog is over the age of 4 months and is vaccinated for Bordetella and Distemper and has a clear fecal before entering the park. The dog park is not for puppies under 4 months! The dog park is not the appropriate first socialization experience for a puppy because they are in their fear imprint stage - any negative experience that happens during this time can have damaging long term effects. There are lots of puppy play times offered at local training facilities in the area in which they are specially equipped to deal with unvaccinated puppies under 4 months; we suggest you begin your puppy's socialization experience there. Once your 4+ month old dog is capable of proper canine etiquette, feel free to come and enjoy the park! 



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