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All dogs must be on leash outside the park and dog leash must be removed while the dog is in the corral.

Always keep dogs on leash until they are inside the corral.

Make sure the first gate is closed BEFORE opening the second gate.   If the outer gate is open, there is always a chance that a dog can run out of the park and into the street.

Unleash your dog within the corral.

-  A dog often feels vulnerable being on leash while other dogs around it are off  leash. The leashed dog knows that it cannot maneuver freely and cannot get away if it wants to. This sense of vulnerability may lead to aggression. 

- When a new dog arrives at a dog park, the other dogs often rush over to investigate. This sudden flood of attention can overwhelm newcomers. To avoid a canine mob scene, ask dog owners to remove their dogs from the gate area or simply wait until the crowd moves on.  Make sure that you don’t let your dog be a bully at the entrance gate.



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