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Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

  A dog park is not a safe place for young children.
  Across the country, many dog parks prohibit children from entering. If you choose to bring a child into the dog park, it is vitally important that you supervise your child closely. You must take full responsibility for your child's safety while in the park.

  Do not permit them to run, scream, chase the dogs, grab the dogs, or tease the dogs. Some dogs are not accustomed to children; these dogs may feel scared or threatened if a child runs toward them or grabs at them.

  Children should never approach or touch any dog without first asking the owner's permission.

  The safest place for a child is by a parent's side. Dogs often run fast and play vigorously with each other while in the park, and they may inadvertently knock down and hurt a child who is standing out in the open.

  Remember that your main responsibility while in the dog park is to monitor your dog and to be prepared to intervene if there is any sign of trouble. Before bringing children to the dog park, consider whether you can effectively supervise both the dog and the children at the same time.



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